Sales, coming all the way from Orlando, Florida, is the type of band that doesn’t need help from anyone to be known. They are fully independent – no manager/label/publicist, and they even recorded their brand new debut album in the comfort of a bedroom studio. This makes their appeal more apparent. For months, I had been getting texts, asking if I had listened to them, at first I hadn’t, but when I did I was beyond excited. They are everything about bedroom pop that I love, with catchy melodies and heartbreaking lyrics.

Their show at Rickshaw Stop on May 11th is very much stacked from top to bottom. From Sales to Seattle-based trio Tangerine, who’s another band that I am happy I can’t stop hearing about. From Tangerine to our local babies PLUSH, who just released their new EP Please thanks to local label Father/Daughter Records.

So don’t be lame next Wednesday night. Who cares if you have work in the morning? The show will be done before midnight. You’ll be home in time to get a good bunch of hours of sleep, and you would have seen three amazing bands. The only reason you may not be able to sleep will be because you will be blooming with energy from seeing these bands.


Sales, Tangerine, Plush
Rickshaw Stop
May 11, 2016
8pm, $15-$17 (all ages!)