I’m always the type to be ridiculously early to all shows or, well, ridiculously on time. Depending on the show, this could either be what everyone is doing, or I am just all alone at the show, with maybe 5 other people. On April 30, 2016, I was one of the first people in Swedish American Hall. Probably mainly due to the reason that it was 21 plus, which to me was strange, considering the fact that Shamir has barely turned 21.

The fact that it was 21+ may explain why for the longest time I was one of the only people there, but as the people trickled in I was still pushed back by the crowd. It kind of seemed I was in a dance club. I was not in the mood to dance, or be in a dance club. I was in the mood to see the angel Shamir, who I had interviewed last year, but had never been able to see live. I had been and am still obsessed and impressed with his music, knowing every single song by heart. So this little post Coachella tour, making him stop in my hometown, was a blessing to me. I will never go to Coachella, but I will praise the fact that it make so many bands I love stop in San Francisco after.

NYLO started out the show by making all of us want to to dance, arming up the already prepared crowd on a Saturday night.

Then Shamir came out and everyone screamed, barely letting him sing at first. Shamir had to ask nicely, if it was okay for him to sing. Of course, we all said yes. Starting off with his own little love song to his hometown “Vegas.” Going through all his hits, which are almost all of his songs because this talented pop star only has one full album, but already is ruling the world and Coachella. I was sitting on the balcony at Swedish, singing a lot to every song. I came in tired, almost falling asleep, but the energy was addictive. It really did look like a Castro dance club down there – no one was standing still. All arms were in the air, and I was sweating just by moving my upper body. Shamir woke me up from the dead. If there’s anyone I think is going to be the next big pop star, it’s Shamir. I know it’s going to happen.

Shamir is everything music needs right now, talented as no other, young, and a sweetheart, doing this for the love of music and performance, and queer. I came in feeling out of place, but seeing Shamir on stage, brought me to heaven because I relate to him, I respect him, and I won’t deny he’s the true Queen of Alternative Pop.

He stopped us all of from dancing to dedicate this show to Mac DeMarco’s Birthday, one of his favorite musicians all time that had helped him fall in love with himself. Many of the younger folks in the crowd screamed with approval, including myself.
Then he took us all by storm again, he made a scene. He left my head in the clouds, ending the show by hopping off stage and dancing with everyone in the crowd.

After the show, Shamir was outside smoking a cigarette, being surrounded by adoring, mostly male and mostly older, fans. I actually waited for my chance to speak to him, because I really do admire his showmanship and overall existence. I constantly have sweet interactions with musicians I had interviewed after their show, but this one was different. I interviewed him months ago on the phone, and when I brought up, he remembered me. We had bonded about our love for Canadian music on that phone and again that night.

Shamir, bless your huge heart and huge talent, maybe you continue to take over the world.