Day Wave at The Independent, by Jessica Perez
Day Wave (photo: Jessica Perez)

Review by Jessica Perez

Bay Area local artist Day Wave played their first-ever headlining set at the Independent last night on April 25. Jackson Phillips of Day Wave has sure come a long way from playing his 5th show ever back in August of 2015 when he opened for Twin Peaks to where he is now. He just came off of a two-month tour over seas and more recently just got back from playing shows in Australia. It’s amazing to see his progression as an artist from the Headcase EP to his latest Hard to Road EP.

The opening bands Hazel English and Hot Flash Heat Wave had great reactions from the crowd as well. Hazel English played a very mellow set and was very charming. HFHW filled the room with smoke so thick you could cut it with a knife. Luckily their aggressive guitar riffs and three frontmen were able to overpower all that smoke.

Finally, after Day Wave’s malfunction with the band’s gear, the show got on the road to those catchy melodic tunes we all know and love. His sun-licked guitars and synth pop keys warmed up the room faster than a sauna in the summer time. They played a fantastic set, as they always do, and had the whole crowd dancing.