fussyFussy’s In Your Head tape art

Despite their brief existence, Indiana’s Coneheads have inspired young punks in distant suburbs. At the end of last year, San Francisco’s Outer Sunset gave us Toyota, and just this month, Santa Rosa birthed Fussy. Clocking in at just under five minutes, the Fussy’s In Your Head demo features similarly jerky, stop-start riffs and the warbly, tape-effected vocals that seem to be a trademark of the burgeoning Indiana scene. That’s not to say that Fussy doesn’t put their own spin on the sound, or to discredit the explosiveness of the demo either — the three tracks are studded with memorable riffs and poppy hooks.

Fussy is the brainchild of Connor Alfaro, who performs with dissonant art punks OVVN and Acrylics, and more recently, garage pop project the Down House. While the demo borrows heavily from more recent upstarts, it’s ultimately fun and snappy, and the funk inclinations that are hinted at throughout would be interesting to see explored on a less brief release. Catch them live for the first time next month with Midwest heavyweights Uranium Club and kindred spirits Toyota.

Uranium Club, Acrylics, Toyota, Fussy
The Funk Den
May 31st, 2016