This Week In PR is a column curated by Victor Valle and Jody Amable, celebrating the press releases that caught our eye but we couldn’t use. Here are some highlights from our inboxes this week.

Astronautalis’ “Atilla Ambrus”
A peek behind the curtain: I am the person on the other end of our catch-all Gmail address. I get approximately 100 emails a day from bands all over the globe.

At this point, I’ve gotten into a pretty sweet groove that allows me to move through them quickly: Are they local? Do I recognize the name? Have they been covered by us in the past? If the answer to the first question is no, I scroll quickly to the bottom to look for tour dates. If there are no tour dates, BUH-BYE.

That said, I was all ready to send this release from Astronautalis to the great recycle bin in the cloud when this fantastic photo caught my eye.

unnamed (5)

I took a chance and clicked over to his Soundcloud and I’m so glad I did. —JA

APigeon’s “Polyday”
This one came with a GIF that I could not stop staring at.


Check out the accompanying video from Quebecois musician APigeon, which is a little unsettling, but artistically satisfying. —JA

Lilith Ai’s “Yeah Yeah”
To get serious for a second, I am very much impressed by Lilith Ai. Smooth vocals from a multitalented artist out of the London suburbs, using her work to not only entertain, but to speak out on social issues. I’m wary of making these kinds of predictions, but she’s one to watch. This video for her single, “Yeah Yeah” is also just really pretty to look at.—JA

DownVega’s “White Zebra”
Full disclosure: I did not actually listen to the attached track until right now because I was so distracted by these sparkly zebras. Look at these guys, sparkling away like a Lisa Frank fever dream. LOOK AT THEM. —JA