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The Younger Lovers is one of those bands that, if you live in the Bay Area, and like the alternative DIY scene, but don’t listen to them, I don’t trust you. It’s not even if you don’t like them, but if you’ve never even listened. Never went out of your bubble to look. If that’s the case, look no further: I’m here to help and to work on my trust issues.

Brontez Purnell is the frontman of the band, a writer/zine maker, a trained dancer, and fearless and amazing and talented and truly has made the Bay Area his own. He is unable to be erased, and anyone that tries just makes him braver. The Younger Lovers are the kind of band that, if you go to their show, you won’t be able to stand still. Even if you don’t want to dance, you’ll be tapping your feet. The energy will get to you, the joy will intertwine with any inhibited feelings you had before to just make you enjoy yourself. Not only that, but this black and queer-fronted band helps so many people see that you can be a success. Just by Purnell being who he is by nature, he’s inspiring others.

The Younger Lovers are also soon releasing a new album, but in the meantime enjoy the premiere of the wonderfully hilarious and witty video for “Poseur” and below that a Q&A with the inspiring Brontez Purnell.

The Bay Bridged: You’re working on a new album? Please tell us all about it.

Brontez Purnell: OK, so its called “Young Brothers” — it’s the first time in the over 10 years that I’ve been doing Younger Lovers as a project that I’ve recorded as a full band. It sounds like Crimpshrine only waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different.

TBB: Other than Younger Lovers, you’ve been very busy, from writing something Kathleen Hanna critiqued and having your own dance company. You also do a lot of zines. I keep hearing about how amazing you are from friends and I keep learning more. I personally don’t know much about the dance company, so please tell us some more about it. Also, where can we read/purchase your writing?

BP: Um, hmm…well, basically I do a performance-based dance company (AirSPACE) with virtually anybody willing to commit to performing or wanting that sort of outlet. I also am a writer, yes. I have a book out on Rodos and Rubes called “Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger” and one out on Gimme Action called “The Cruising Diaries.” I have one forthcoming on Feminist Press called “Since I Laid My Burden Down.”

TBB: Your new video for “Poseur” is perfect and hilarious. What inspired the concept?

BP: The song is about this time I was having a three-way with this boy I really liked and this boy who my crush liked. I didn’t like the boy my crush like and I was trying to maybe give him (my crushes crush that is) a chance and then I asked him what was his favorite band in high school and he said “Modest Mouse” and I lost my erection and left the room to write a song about him called “Poseur.” Also that vid was partly shot in the basement of the SF-based porn company

TBB: You’ve been a local musician for a good chunk of time, seeing many bands leave and disband.  What has kept you here and kept you going on with music? (Also, thank you for not leaving, you’re one of my favorite local bands.)

BP: I like playing music. The thing about the Bay is it’s too small

[for me] to ever feel like a real rock star. I think that’s why most bands here reach a zenith and move to L.A. or call it quits. I think the real reason is Younger Lovers has never made enough money or been famous enough for me to get bored with it. There are advantages to being (as LL Cool J termed) an “around the way girl.” I kinda feel like if not too many people are watching, you kinda get this freedom to be who you want and let something awesome root and form.

TBB: You’re doing a mini-tour in Texas, but it’s not a normal mini tour. Can you expand?
BP: Yeah it’s us and my dance company. It was RAD!

TBB: Local bands and musicians who inspire you and you want everyone to listen to.

BP: Tropic Green, Wizard’s Apprentice, Busted Outlook, Try The Pie, DJ No-No, DJ Jamine Infiniti, Honey Soundsystem DJs, RAGANA, B. Hamilton, Mall Walk, OMG, sooo many…

TBB: Overall, what inspires you to create?

BP: Boredom and the fear of being erased.

TBB: Any local shows coming up?

BP: Um, TBA!