annie bacon

Singer-songwriter Annie Bacon is planning to record two new songs alongside accompanying videos, songs full of the empathy and passion fans have come to associate with her music.

The first, “What We Said,” is about a woman who remains faithful to an unfaithful husband, with lyrics focused on enlightening understanding rather than placing blame. The other, “Nikki’s Song” (working title), is an ode to musician Nicole McRory and the struggles she endured as a transgender person, struggles that tested but never overwhelmed her fierce spirit. Like much of her work, Bacon’s new material seeks to build bridges of communication between people through sincere storytelling and heartfelt messages.

As exciting as all this news may be to fans, the songstress needs your help. Every musician in the Bay is painfully aware of how costly it is to both follow your dreams and pay rent, so Bacon has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund her vision. If you’d like to donate or find out more details about the project, you can follow this link.

Annie Bacon, Doralice
Awaken Cafe
May 7, 2016
8pm, $13-15