the sam chase

The new video from San Francisco locals The Sam Chase & the Undtraditional? It’s one of those perfect Monday remedies. When you’re feeling lifeless and despondent in a case of the beginning-of-the-week blues, “There For Me,” well, will be there for you.

Easy puns aside, the song, which appeared on our annual fundraiser compilation last year, is a sultry, sweet folk-rock ballad that showcases Chase’s gruff, emotional vocals and the T Sisters‘ nice backing harmonies. Our editor Russell Jelinek called it his “gravelly best.”

The video follows a simple premise, but one that was bound to yield (and did yield) amazing results. On one “glorious Sunday,” the band invited friends and fans to a bare darkroom stage to listen to the song for the first time. Their only prompt was, “Do whatever you want.” Everyone did just that. A wide variety of people and non-people were present and did everything from knitting to air drumming, and the cute-factor cherry-on-top was a baby reacting.

It’s really neat to see a huge crowd react to a song. As music fans, I”m sure we’ve all had moments where we wonder, “Does anyone else feel this way about the same piece of music?” Chase explained that the video “is meant to show the variation of how we all relate to the same piece of music…

[and] the wide emotional spectrum that exists in any strong, singular relationship.” You can watch below, and maybe even record yourself listening for the first time.

The song appears on the band’s new album Great White Noise which will be out April 29. The title, Chase explains, references “all of the voices at once, screaming at the tops of their lungs,” or “a wolf in entertainments [sic] clothing.” They give many examples, but really, the interpretation of it is up to you. The band is celebrating its album release with a show at the Great American Music Hall with some other great local (ish) bands.

The Sam Chase, Dead Winter Carpenters, Martin O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra
Great American Music Hall
April 29, 2016
9pm, $15