It’s kind of funny to think of Savages, the severe and principled British post-punk band, hanging out in the California desert sun, waiting to play their set at Coachella. I could picture Savages’ no-bullshit lead singer Jehnny Beth popping a couple of entitled brats before her band takes the stage for one of their incendiary performances.

No, Savages don’t really fit in at Coachella, where the band played last weekend and will play again next weekend. Their angular, brooding version of punk is perfect for dark night clubs, brimming with people of similar ideologies. It’s kind of crazy to think they’ve already performed three times at a music festival famous for its makeup of vacuous millennials and overpriced drinks. This isn’t exactly a knock on Coachella (I was there this past weekend), I just think that the Fillmore in San Francisco — where the band will play on Tuesday night — is a much more appropriate venue for the group.

Taking after their British forebears like Gang of Four, Savages rail against consumerism, vapidity and greed, and their music has that same kind of tense, ready-to-explode rage that gives it such a dangerous vitality.

Touring behind their stellar sophomore album, Adore Life, Savages take their craft seriously, and that’s indicative in their intense live shows. I’ve seen Savages a few times and they don’t fuck around. The band’s devotion to their vision is pretty astonishing, and makes for an epic viewing experience. It will be well worth the post-Coachella hangover to catch this act at the Fillmore.

The Fillmore
April 19, 2016
8 p.m., $25.75