Sometimes the truth lies in the details. FASIV , FKA Strange Hotel, tackle this head-on in their new video for song “Police.” In the video, they take the song’s theme of police brutality and apply it quite literally to the content: footage of assaults taken right from news stations.

“Are you my friend or enemy?” singer Frank Abreau asks in the song’s chorus as an assault happens in a jail holding cell. Rather than make their own narrative, the band made a conscious decision to let news footage speak for itself. The clips were curated by them from various sources, from mainstream to local and even independent.

Their idea was to “spotlight a major dysfunction in our police/justice system” while highlighting the role that citizen journalism via camera phones plays in bringing the issue to new light. Justly so, the video acknowledges “Black Lives Matter” so as to credit their work in the movement against police brutality. Overall, it’s a brilliantly simple take on a brutal issue that’s exceedingly relevant.

“Police,” the song itself, matches the aggressive, heavy tone of the video with metal-infused guitar and piercing melodies that reach cathartic heights. It’s the first track on their double debut album Ride, which came out at the end of last month. You can take a look at the video below.

Content Warning: This video contains violent imagery that may be unsuitable for some viewers.