In the end, music is art and is used as a means of self-exploration and explanation by many. Laura Stevenson (based out of Long Island, New York) originally began as more of an indie-folk musician, but when it was time to let go of her fears and just be loud, Cocksure was created. For her, this album was a way to shut off the negative and just be the fearless rocker she wanted to be, and I’m happy she did because its an amazing album.

It was surprising for me to find out that she was playing at Thee Parkside with Crying and Chris Farren, because as a kid growing up in SF, Thee Parkside was always the punk/metal/hardcore bar. I would not define these musicians as “hardcore” — I would actually have a hard time defining them that simply. Laura Stevenson mixes her indie-folk beginning with punkier instrumentals, allowing her heartfelt lyrics to be loud instead of scared. Crying is not a band you’d catch me crying to. They are more of a band that you’d catch me hopping about to, with their chiptune punk, and are the perfect band for those emotional adults that are still obsessed with Nintendo (actually one of my many favorite bands). Chris Farren has a similar story to Stevenson, starting from indie-folk and now just wanting to scream.

I have been shocked by the amount of people who didn’t know they are playing in SF this Friday. I have been bringing it up endlessly to friends I know love these bands, and somehow that was the first time they even knew they were on tour.So here I am telling you all, Laura Stevenson, Crying, and Chris Farren are playing Thee Parkside on Friday, and we should all go.

Laura Stevenson, Crying, Chris Farren
Thee Parkside
April 15, 2016
9pm, $12 (21+)