The Herms have been at it for a while, long enough to say Welcome All Tourists is their first release in three years, and the first release for Narnack Records in four years. The band formed in the UC Berkeley co-ops, and lived in the Bay until 2014 when they moved to Los Angeles. Their new album plays with genre like a ragdoll — surf, punk, and western all in one breath — and strangely, this waning affect for one genre and one genre only solidifies them as a rock and roll band, in my mind. Their willingness to venture from a”homebase sound,” or their disregard of consistency is their sound.

Take the first song of the album, “Parade.” The beginning of the song starts with a familiarly-picked western guitar, so familiar it feels like a caricature or even an effigy, but just after the one-minute mark the song blows up in your face — if this specific song were a band, they’d wear boots and Western shirts, but they’d also perform with pyrotechnics. Moving on to the second song, “Ready Set ’94” is a thrashy, blown-out affair from a different emotional universe. I’m not gonna go through the whole thing, because that would probably dampen the album’s eclectic charm, but I will say the band’s imagination is on full display in these 14 tracks. The Herms do it all, but they do it all with a distinct crunch and volatility. Even when they let off the gas a little there’s a degree of danger in these songs. BEWARE, FOR THE HERMS ARE BACK.