Photo by Anna Capurso.Wild Moth. Photo: Anna Capurso

Stop-motion implies a process. It’s hard to watch anything stop-motion and not spin off into thinking about how tedious it probably felt to make. Take a picture, move the things, take a picture, move the things. But, because Wild Moth‘s “Buried” video is actually a bunch of pictures, it’s also kind of impossible to tell how long it took to make. Or maybe this is a better way of putting it: The claymation-video-dreamscape has a sense of time that’s freed from the actual length of the video. If the fluidity of film is for watching, it almost feels like stop-motion is for reading; film is to drawing a picture, as stop-motion is to connecting the dots, or something.

One of Wild Moth’s founding members recently moved to New York, while the rest reside in the Bay. I would guess the band has had to become more reliant on incremental interactions, incremental exchanges of ideas, and I wonder if being in a long-distance band feels anything like watching stop motion. Especially for a band who has played 211 shows in the last five years (according to the history of dates on their website).

Wild Moth released Inhibitor last Summer, their awesome* second full-length, and now “Buried” joins “Mirror” as the album’s second music video, and it’s directed by Lauren Corden.

*I wanted to use a better word than ‘awesome’ so I thesaurus-ed awesome, and the collection of 39 synonyms was a way more interesting way to describe Inhibitor than anything I was going to come up with.