Foxtails Brigade 2016

The music of Foxtails Brigade feels like a fairy tale on the verge of becoming a nightmare: one dark turn, one misstep, and you’ve passed through the looking glass into a hell more horrible than pretty much any movie Tim Burton has made in the last ten years.

“No Fate,” from their upcoming self-titled LP, is one of the more straightforward tracks from the album. It charges ahead like nursery-rhyme punk rock, bursting at the seams with kinetic energy, its forward momentum threatening to demolish anything in its way. The accompanying video is likewise crackling with movement, from shaky shots of the band members to the black and white animations spliced between them.

The record is slated for official release on April 8. If you want to pre-order the album (which I highly recommend because I already have a copy and it’s quite fantastic and sounds even better on vinyl), you can do so here.