New Jersey molasses-rockers Real Estate, who craft breathtakingly gorgeous tunes with all the urgency of your local post office, will host a three-night residency at the Chapel this June.

The group hasn’t released an album since 2014’s sublime Atlas, but its members have been plenty busy since that time. Bassist Alex Bleeker, a frequent presence in the Bay Area and lover of the Grateful Dead, released his third album (accompanied by his backing band, the Freaks) last year, and guitarist Matt Mondanile issued his fifth release under his recording moniker, Ducktails, in 2015. Martin Courtney, the lead singer of the group, put out his debut solo work last year as well.

With all of their side projects out of the way, it looks like everyone is back and focusing on playing more gigs as Real Estate. The three-night stint at the Chapel will take place June 27, 28, and 29, and will feature opening act Terry Malts.

Real Estate’s 2009 debut album was an excellent first offering, showcasing the group’s formula of flickering guitars, languid pacing, and warm and enveloping vocal melodies. They’ve perfected that structure while adding depth and maturity for their two follow-up albums, 2011’s Days and the aforementioned Atlas.

Fortunately for fans of the band’s music, it looks like the group is back in the studio. Not sure if we’ll see any new tunes this year, but if they do put out any unreleased material, the three-night residency at the Chapel would probably be the best chance to hear it.

Real Estate, Terry Malts
The Chapel
June 27, 28, 29, 2016
9pm, $27