Bronze - photo by Brian Pritchard

Local trio Bronze is the latest band to receive the Live in San Francisco treatment from Castle Face Records, and, as you’ll hear in the stream we’re premiering below, it’s another winner in this great series. Drummer Brian Hock, singer Rob Spector, and electronics guy Miles Friction have been conjuring up ever-mutating, experimental post-punk/psych jams over the course of three full length albums, but the weirdness feels extra raw and captivating on this live LP. Side note: is anyone other than Castle Face doing right by the live album these days?

Bronze’s Live In San Francisco arrives on March 25 but you can stream it in its entirety below. While you’re doing that, read the following letter from John Dwyer, who, in poetic verse, nails the undefinable and entrancing charm of the band and the new album.

For 9 years they have been slowly simmering in a pot
For 9 years I have been seeing them usurp every gig they have been on
I’ve never seen a bad Bronze show…they range from smiling and hypnotized dancing crowds
to a man getting violated and urinated on at a yuppie bar (everyone still smiling)
Always the entertainers
Always drunk with mad skills
With dashes of John Carpenter, Silver Apples, Liquid Liquid, Birthday Party, Harold Grosskopf, Klaus Schultze, Cluster, and Brian Ferry with a field recorder taped to his tux jacket
Ultra bottom heavy dance beats a la Brian Hock (shirt off/ shirt on, it’s all good to me)
Super hand-wringing oscillations home brewed by Miles Friction
and the ever-great Robert Spector delivering homilies from beyond the dimensional wall.

they bought a limousine to tour in
(which may be the raddest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of)
but its been parked in the bat cave under a car cocoon like San Francisco’s best kept secret
These guys should be on tour, eaten alive every night by ravenous fanatudes
but alas, they are like a rare treat these days
SO we’ve waited outside the bivouac for the flap to lift
and after many nights and cold rations they appeared and performed the great and fabled Bronze happening
for us to trap to tape
a mix of absolute old faves and new gears grinding
a great night indeed
recorded and mixed by the castle face crew
adorned with photos of the night
You are well set to feast on this release

–John Dwyer