Shay Roselip

Big Sur based Gnome Life Records has built up an impressive catalog of musicians who create dreamy music that feel as if they were all perfectly made for the natural beauty of the Central Coast. Gnome Life’s latest release, Shay Roselip‘s Ever Present Calm fits perfectly into Gnome Life’s realm in stunning fashion.

The album was almost entirely recorded by Berkeley native Roselip and Jeremy Harris of Vetiver, with Tommy MacDonald of The Range of Light Wilderness also contributing. The instrumental arrangements of Ever Present Calm would stand on their own as a lovely, shimmering, and easy-going album, but Roselip’s soaring tenor harmonies give me goosebumps and take the album to new heights. Listen while laying in the grass on a sunny day and emptying your mind. Purchase and stream via bandcamp below:

Roselip performs Saturday night at the Starline Social Club in Oakland.

Shay Roselip, Farallons, Assateague, Someone Company
Starline Social Club
March 19, 2016
9pm, $10