Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous made the world fall in love with them in 2011, when the New Zealand group released their self-proclaimed debut Passive Me, Aggressive You, which contains emotionally-charged and sonic rhythms that help define the early 2000’s alternative rock scene. The Independent always has the best indie musicians that never end up falling off the radar, and The Naked and Famous are definitely one of those indie acts.

Like many of the bands that come to the Independent, this show is already sold out, but I’d keep an eye out because you never who’s gonna do a giveaway.

The Naked and Famous are also playing at Live 105’s BFD on July 4th with bands you didn’t know still played live music, such asThe Offspring and Silversun Pickups, and bands everyone is obsessed with even when they pretend they are not, like BORNS and Jake Bugg.

The Naked and Famous, The Rubens
The Independent
March 22, 2016