Daydream is a new band, but the members have long been staples in the Bay Area music scene.

Hailing from Oakland, California, Kyle Martin, Scott Goodrich, and Travis Pacheco have been playing in bands together, apart and in different variations for years. However, after some time apart, some life changes, and even a near-fatal illness, the three musicians have come together to bring pop-punk band Daydream to fruition.

Scott Goodrich, a member of the band, wrote the following in an open letter about the forming of the band:

“It’s very crazy to be releasing this with my friend’s Kyle and Travis. Not to get too sentimental, but I don’t know if this record or band should even exist. After Hear The Sirens ended, Travis and I didn’t talk for two years. He got fatally ill and it basically came down to, “I might die, it would be cool if we were friends if I don’t make it.” Luckily he got better and we were able to write music together again.

The record is really about how life moves. None of us can really predict how the relationships we have will be effected by us living our lives, trying not to fuck up at each step along the way. I’m very happy to be playing music with my old friends, it feels normal.”
The result is a four-song EP with songs charting self-realization, change and loss. It’s a melody-driven release that is nostalgic in sound but fresh in flavor, with elements that bring you back to your favorite three-piece band from middle school but still get your head bobbing and your body moving. You can take a listen to the release below and catch the band live this weekend.

Daydream, Bastards of Young, No Fixed Star
The Golden Bull
Friday, March 18
9pm, $8 (21+)