field medic

San Francisco, for all its outward beauty and breathtaking views, is getting ugly on the inside. Field Medic capture the feeling of becoming alienated from your own neighborhood mournfully in his new single “fuck these foolz that are making valencia street unchill.” Clearly, the singer-songwriter holds no patience for the “unchill” members of society.

The song is practically Field Medic’s “Masters of War,” a blistering social critique aimed at tech titans rather than generals, delivering scathing attacks on the Silicone elite and bitter laments for the disappearing poor. And when he instigates class warfare by tipping his hat to those who smash the windows of lavish new condos off 22nd Street, it’s as shocking and necessary a statement as when Dylan hopes that the perpetrators of the Vietnam War die and rot in their graves.

Blunt, visceral, and painfully close to home for many inhabitants of the city, the single is a poetic expression of solidarity, a welcome to all those who are struggling to scrap together next month’s rent and wondering when the dream of San Francisco will finally come to an end. You can download it for free here.