Anderson East at The Independent, by Jessica Perez
Anderson East (photo: Jessica Perez)

Photos and words by Jessica Perez

It’s March 11, 2016, and it is starting to pour right outside the Independent in San Francisco. There is a line of people waiting to get into the venue where it is dry and warm. Not only are those in line just wanting to be warm, but they are waiting to catch Dylan LeBlanc and headliner, Anderson East, perform!

Dylan LeBlanc opens the show with his laid back Americana/folk mood. What really takes you by surprise though is the cello player. The classical feel alongside Dylan’s amazing guitar solos just mesmerizes you and draws you into the music that much more.

Anderson East is one performer I would not mind seeing again. Anderson is a singer-songwriter whose music is a mix of blues, gospel, soul, early rock and roll, and a pinch of country.  He sold out the Independent and had people from wall to wall dancing to his music, especially when he did his cover of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.” If you do not know who Anderson East is then go out and check out his album Delilah, it will not disappoint.