We’re in week three of our Social Studies video release project! For those of you who are just catching this series, we’ll give you a little context: We’re working on a fun project with Portland’s Banana Stand Media, who is a live music outfit that hosts and records live sessions from a variety of local and touring bands. A couple years back, in June of 2014, one of those bands was our local darlings Social Studies. After a bit of a waiting period due to the downtime between the session and the release their record Wake, their spirited set is being released as a live record, Live at the Banana Stand, on March 25. We found that the band is also celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their first show as a band.

Here’s where we come in: Each and every Monday leading up to the release of the record, we’ll be exclusively premiering some choice videos from this Social Studies session. First, we premiered their video of “Territories,” and last week we brought you “Drifty.” Today is “Moment is Dead,” another song from their record Wake. This performance brings such a rousing mood. The opening piano chords convey a 60s pop-esque, almost jazzy, feel, and the double guitar attack is particularly strong. They reach their peak of sweetness when everyone joins in on vocal harmonies during the chorus. Watch below!

Social Studies – "Moment is Dead" from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

This video premiere is part of a month-long series with Banana Stand Media. Check back next Monday for a new video! ‘Live at the Banana Stand’ is out March 25th.