Andrew Bernstein
This Week In PR is a column curated by Victor Valle and Jody Amable, celebrating the press releases that caught our eye but we couldn’t use. Here are some highlights from our inboxes this week.

SUZISUZI’s “Scream Addict”
All-female Japanese scream punk. OH HELL YES. —JA

Andrew Bernstein’s Audio-Visual Components

OK, there is no stream to share here, but I just had to include these for the odd extras it came with. The press release for Andrew Bernstein’s new record, The Great Outdoors, promised the addition of “fascinating audio/visual animations.” Turns out they were less “fascinating” and more “Ow, my whole entire face.” See if you can watch them without instinctively pulling slowly away from your laptop screen. —JA

Jameszoo’s “Fool”
A creepy, and eerily realistic painting is what caught my eye. But I stayed for the lush beats and nuanced production. It’s been coined “naive, computer jazz,” but I guess it’s really up to each of you whether or not you agree, since I think it’s pretty damn technical and intricate. —VV

Corina Corina’s “Run The Whips” 
She’s bi-coastal, taking residence in both Oakland, CA and NYC, New York, but that wasn’t what immediately stuck out to me. Instead, it was her take on Run The Jewels’ iconic fist-and-finger-point image, which she coined into “Run The Whips“. It’s an eclectic mix of hip hop, some electronic sensibilities, but mainly some amazing singing from Corina Corina herself that showed her R&B and soul training put to some good use. —VV