Luke Sweeney (Photo: Victoria Smith)

The last time we heard from Luke Sweeney was when he played at our December show at El Rio. The seasons have changed, with holidays melting into SXSW, and with them comes the latest news from the glam man himself. He just put out a somber single “Red Hot Demands” and he’s set to play SXSW next week.

The song, at first listen, takes careful time to establish itself. The bassline is the first thing to permeate through the track, which builds layer by layer. When it’s finally ready, Sweeney joins in. Here, he’s sounding especially Lou Reed-esque, maybe if he fronted a slightly softer psych-rock band. It’s an undeniably catchy song that still communicates the glam-ness that Sweeney is known for while digging into some somber, reflective moods. Honestly, it’s perfect listening for a passenger of a long road trip, best served with leaning their head against the glass in pensive thought.

The songs was actually recorded in 2013 at Faultline Studios, and its physical release will come in April as the A-side of a special 7″/12-page novella combination. During his SXSW tour, which started last week in Big Sur, he’ll have a limited run (30) of the single pressed on clear, square flexi-discs. If you’re eyeing that single, better snatch a ticket to Austin pronto!

Luke Sweeney