Kristen Kontrol

At the end of January, the Dum Dum Girls Facebook page quietly changed names to Kristin Kontrol with little more than a message from DDG leader Dee Dee/Kristin Welchez. Now, more and more details are coming out about her new project. For one, she’s releasing a record called X-Communicate on her DDG home Sub Pop, slated to come out May 27th.

What’s big about this project from the Bay Area native is that she chose to name the project after her given name, Kristin. She explains that as a part of Dum Dum Girls, she built up artistic boundaries around herself and channeled her more serious side as a frontperson. “As the years went on,” she says, “It was so weird that I kept so much of me out of what I was doing creatively.”

This record is definitely a testament to Welchez’ solo artistic vision. Working with the “sonic consultation” of producer Richard Gottehrer, she wrote 62 songs as Kristin Kontrol, 10 of which she chose to be on the debut. Today, we can hear her first single, the eponymous “X-Communicate.” Informed by the pop music she gravitated to as a music fan, the song is a love letter to the best of new wave pop of the 80s. Shimmering synths and oscillating beats pave the way under her smoky vocals, which literally soar to heights that she has not yet explored in recordings.

Welchez’ entrance as Kristin Kontrol is exciting, and we’re curious to see how the project will translate in the live setting. Tour dates are to be announced soon.

‘X-Communicate’ is out May 27th on Sub Pop Records.