The Pleasure Routine‘s pleasingly full sound isn’t accidental: It’s made by a band of six people. Based in Oakland, the sextet has rocked its way through the Bay with only one single under its belt. But That’s all changing: They’re releasing their debut LP Sugar Mountain very soon and from it, they’ve released their second single “Walk the Dog (Backwards).” Spoiler alert: It’s a doozy.

Wonderfully idiosyncratic, the rock ‘n’ raw they make hearkens back to that classic rock sound with a piano/guitar backbone, but wonky electric solos and raw vocals add a layer of sonic entropy to the mix. At the start, singer and guitarist Kevin Sofsrud’s vocals buzz in the lower register, almost conjuring a hushed feel, but by the chorus, they explode with raw energy in what they call a “primal scream aimed at the gods.” Member Lauren Kopp also contributes to a crazy vocal interplay in the climax. Relating to the title, there is some barking to be heard here. And yes, it’s by the members. All in all, it’s just a throbbing, sloppy, loud good time.

The track was produced by Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), who also play keyboards on their upcoming LP. The band are playing a headlining show this weekend at the Bottom of the Hill with a couple of other local folks, including the aforementioned Ashley, so you can catch their raw sonic magic very soon.

The Pleasure Routine, Cash for Gold, Greg Ashley (of Gris Gris)
Bottom of the Hill
March 12, 2016
8:30pm, $12 (21+)