Norway is an electro-pop powerhouse — churning out the brightest of keyboard melodies and the most thumping of kick drums in various packaging for as long as I can remember “electro-pop” being a term. Ohlayindigo carries on this grand Scandinavian tradition with immediate-yet-expansive tunes that echo the likes of Made in Heights with their shimmering sonics and The Naked and the Famous with their exterior flash and gloss.

Composed of singer/songwriter Hanna Ponth and drummer Zak Shrapnell, the duo originally hails from Oslo but has recently come to calling San Francisco their home. The name “Ohlayindigo” was chosen as a combination of key words — “Indigo” for the evocative atmosphere of their recordings, “lay” for its old English meaning as “a sung poem,” and “oh” for the group’s full sound. Recently the two collaborators released “Golden Chains,” a hearty and heavenly ode to being your best self that is as moving as it is grooving.

Ponth sells her words on “Golden Chains” with real dramatic flair, but maintains a strong sense of melody. Ohlayindigo have previously impressed with past singles such as “Love You To The Moon” and “Heartbeat,” and with this latest entry in their brief-but-building catalogue the duo seems to be staking their claim for indie radio royalty. Expect a new EP from Ponth and Shrapnell this summer, and give them a warm welcome to the Bay Area if you ever run into them on BART.