Superbrat is an Alameda/Los Angeles band who writes “pop tunes based on the Baby-Sitters Club books.” Yes, it’s true, they are kind of a Baby-Sitters Club tribute band, (if the Baby-Sitters Club books had been released in the ’60s, at least). Fronted by school friends Alexandra Velasquez and Alyssa Polizzi, they started down this unique path when Velasquez, who is also an elementary school librarian, came across Dawn and the Surfer Ghost. Inspired by the title, she wrote a ’60s love song , “Surfer Ghost,” for another band she was in with Polizzi. When that band faded away, the two teamed up again with the idea of basing all their songs off Baby-Sitters Club titles. They were joined by their boyfriends on drums and bass (seriously, how adorable is that), and Superbrat was born.

It would be easy to dismiss a band with such an odd foundation as a gimmick, but Superbrat is just too good to ignore. They take a seemingly goofy concept and craft wonderful fuzzy melodies that tell classic tales of high school: songs about boys, gym class woes, school dances, and ghost surfers. And you know what? They absolutely nail it, with each song on their debut EP making you feel like you’re living out your teenage years in a California beach town in the ’60s:

Superbrat’s Dawn on the Coast EP will be officially released March 19 at a show at Vintiq in Alameda. Before that, you can catch them at The Knockout’s Teenage Dance Craze March 11.

Thee Merry Widows, The Ogres, Superbrat
The Knockout
March 11, 2016
9pm, $6

Superbrat, The Electric Soul Factory
Vintiq (Alameda)
March 19, 2016
6pm, FREE