Tancred (Photo by Chloe Aftel)

There’s a 1% chance that Tancred‘s new record Out of the Garden is all a beautiful April Fool’s joke. It’s just what happens with releases slated to come out on April 1st, right? But what we know for certain is that Minneapolis’ Jess Abbott, also of the band Now, Now, is making power pop gold as Tancred with new single “Bed Case.”

The song wastes no time in setting things up: a cutting guitar hook starts it off right off the bat, snarling through the tight drums and letting the listener know that they’re all in. Knowing that the record was produced by Anna Waronker of ’90s power-pop sweethearts That Dog, it makes so much sense that such effusive and undeniable charm comes to the surface.

“Bed Case” puts you in Abbott’s headspace so clearly, yet the familiar themes of feeling unsure about life in general appeals to the anxious monster in all of us. “I don’t know if I want to save the world, or just cut out its insides,” she sings with impeccable phrasing. Effortlessly put together and teeming with rock flair, the song calls for the most spirited of fist pumps.

We’re kidding about that April Fool’s joke, of course: catch Tancred’s record Out of the Garden on Polyvinyl Records next month, and catch her playing with Foxing on the eve of that release. You can find more details below.

Foxing, O’Brother, Tancred
Bottom of the Hill
March 31, 2016
7:30pm, $12