This Week In PR is a column curated by Victor Valle and Jody Amable, celebrating the press releases that caught our eye but we couldn’t use. Here are some highlights from our inboxes this week.

Keymono’s “Hourglass”
I think this band wins for farthest distance in miles from our area of coverage. Keymono is from — get this — Lithuania.

Normally I’d just outright delete this, but out of utter curiosity as to what Lithuanian pop music sounds like, I clicked the big triangle.

Whuddup, Keymono! I’m not gonna say I had low expectations, but having zero experience with the Lithuanian scene, I had…no expectations. You have surpassed them. Please come here so I can write about you. —JA

Pinemen’s “Predictions”
Shortly behind the United Kingdom in area of origin for press releases we get a lot of but can’t do much with is Scandinavia. I would venture to say at least 10% of the stuff I get every day come from Sweden, Finland, and/or Norway.

These usually go straight in the trash. But something about this one caught my eye, so I gave it a spin.

I am such a sucker for a good melody. Thanks, Pinemen. —JA

Go!Zilla’s “Pollution”
Here’s a thing: I am Italian. Half-Italian, actually, but last week I watched a PBS miniseries about the history of Italian-Americans so I’m feeling, like, extra-Italian this week. This might have something to do with why I am so excited by this Italian garage-surf band. I repeat: Italian garage-surf band. —JA