The Tet Holiday

“Look, our social media presence is garbage; we need to start being more relateable, and we need to start engaging with influencers,” says a tech bro caricature as a band sits busking on a San Francisco sidewalk. That band is Oakland’s The Tet Holiday, and in their new video for single “Statues,” they’re faced with a dilemma when opportunity strikes in the form of a $100 thrown in their guitar case, from said tech bro: Why shouldn’t they try their hand at being more like him?

With the bombastically catchy song as the soundtrack, the video follows them in their hilarious search for The Next Big Lucrative Idea. Now branding themselves as The Tech Holiday, the trio hit gold with Chewless: “the Uber for chewing.” Yes! Gold!

The second part unfolds as a clever jab at the ridiculous nature of start-up culture, from using seed money to fund extreme partying to so much more. With the tense politics surrounding the tech industry and its permeating cultural waves, it’s great to just take a break and laugh at it. What becomes of their big idea? Are they doing so well that they’re actually hiring? Take a watch and find out.

With a memorable video and a new record (Statues) out, the Tet Holiday is definitely a band to watch this year. Take this line from this video’s accompanying song: “It wasn’t easy to say no,” singer Andrew Ledford sings over a wash of oh-oh’s. In a single moment, they echo the sentiment so much of us have at some point in our lives. And the songwriting is fantastic to boot. They manage to capture the raw bombast of Japandroids while adding a vibe all their own. Saturday, they play this year’s Noise Pop festival with Film School.

Noise Pop 2016: Film School, The Stratford 4, Fake Your Own Death, The Tet Holiday
Bottom of the Hill
February 27, 2016
8pm, $12