Empress Of US Tour

Lorely Rodriguez is a songwriter and singer who performs under the name Empress Of. She makes music that is personal, sensual, purposeful, and unstoppable. She has the skill to create avant-R&B music that not only is about her own experience, but is danceable.

Her debut full length album Me,  was released September 11, 2015 by XL Recordings and Terrible Records. This album is not only beautiful but was created in a beautiful way. Rodriguez isolated herself in a small pueblo in Mexico that is mainly used for vacations to get in touch with her self and her art. She was left with herself and her mind, which can not only be difficult, but when capable can bring out all you have left to ignore in a digitally controlled world. The album is about privilege, the album is about herself, the album is about what you must to do to keep existing. Rodriguez is singing about what it means to be a first generation American woman, what it does to us, and what it means to her. She is a force not to ignored, but also not to be mistreated.

She’s also going to be in San Francisco next Tuesday, and there’s no way you should let yourself miss this talent.

Empress Of
The Independent 
March 1, 2016
7:30pm, $15 (21+)