Mitski at the Swedish American Hall, by Jon Bauer
Mitski (photo: Jon Bauer)

There was nothing about tonight I wasn’t excited about. I had been emotionally preparing for it since the day it was announced that Mitski would be playing Noise Pop Festival. Mitski happens to be one of the most talented musicians who has happily been getting the attention she deserves. Her lyrics are perfectly crafted, and her vocals successfully portray the emotional toll that existing can bring. When it was announced who would be performing on her side at Swedish American Hall on February 24, 2016, the excitement only became more impatient.

I was happily surprised to find out that a poet was going to perform this night, and Monica Mody brought in this night of strong female solo acts wonderfully. She spoke in metaphors that put emphasis on the fact that, without sadness and anger, there can be no revolution. Let it be within the countries we come from or within our own bodies.

Jay Som is one local musician who only recently released her first album, but holds so much promise and talent that no one can really resist. With revealing lyrics and beautifully accompanying instrumentals, Melina Duterte (or Jay Som) is not only witty on stage, but brings out the empathy in all of us. It’s easy for us because she is singing all the fears and insecurities many keep hidden in the deep corners of our mind.

The moment Phoebe Bridgers sang her second to last song and really just screamed out her sadness was the moment I prepared myself let go of my own sadness. And Mistki, freaking Mitski, sang me down onto a throne of my own tears and I would not exchange those tears for anything. They were not just tears of sadness, they were tears of happiness, and tears brought onto me by Mitski’s incredibly beautiful and rare talent. She owned that stage all on her own. She commanded our attention by being emotionally vulnerable and not being ashamed of it. She is the type of musician that is talented recorded and live, but neither are better or equal. If you or anyone you know ever get the opportunity to see her live, don’t miss it and don’t let your friends, either. But also go buy all her albums, because you’ll want to relive that night and you’ll need to emotionally prepare.

For me the most beautiful part of the night was when my eyes were crowding up with tears as Mitski sang “Townie”. All I could see was her singing with such uncontrolled strength as everything around her went dark. It made me feel as if I was capable of anything and as though she was speaking my own thoughts. Mistki is a musical miracle and a musician that has the talent to make anyone feel in a way they may have forgotten they could.