Orchestral hip-hop outfit Ensemble Mik Nawooj are coming to Sausalito at the end of the month.

Though it’s not the first time I’ve heard a rap group successfully combine seemingly disparate genres (check out the extraordinary Jazz Mafia), Ensemble Mik Nawooj is a blissful reminder that hip-hop is not as stagnant as most of the mainstream hits would lead you to believe, and there is still plenty of room for experimentation in a genre quickly approaching middle age. The 10-piece collective thrives off combining sweeping, ambitious musical arrangements with thought-provoking lyrics, elevating pop music to the level of art (or is it art to the level of pop music?). Check out the epic video for their track “First Song” for ample evidence of this.

The group will play live at Harmonia this Saturday and plans to release a new LP later this spring.

Ensemble Mik Nawooj
Harmonia Social Club
February 27, 2016
8pm, $15-25