Electronic pop duo Midi Matilda have returned after laying low for two years. Seemingly back in full force, an ominous photo with nothing more than “2/08” was seen on the band’s Facebook page last week. Sure enough, Monday came with a new song, video, and accompanying first installment of a behind-the-scenes sort of series.

Odds are you haven’t seen Skyler Kilborn (vocals, guitar) and Logan Grimé (drums) since 2013, whether at Outside Lands or any location on a list of Bay Area festivals and venues, on tour with Shiny Toy Guns, or in your head when their debut EP was re-released earlier that year. Although the band’s activity was at an all-time high that year, and the new track marks the first original release since their last song & video paring “Love & the Movies” in the summer of 2012. Midi Matilda also followed the EP re-release with a cover of The Temptations’ “Just My Imagination” in 2013.

“Tidal Wave” crashes ashore with a video produced by the pair themselves. At this point it’s hard to separate the songs from their visuals, given that the creative style of the songwriters giving it an extra edge of pride. For just over four minutes, the band transports you to as many Northern California landscapes as you can think of, dancing along the way to one of their most upbeat songs — more in line with “Love & the Movies” than the rest of Red Light District. Sprinkled with piano and built up with Kilborn’s falsetto call-and-response to himself, the chorus pummels itself forward with the machine-like drum pulse compliments of Grimé. Bonus points for the return of the electronic guitar hybrid Misa Kitara. Yeah guys, it’s pretty good.

To ensure a less-than-quiet reemergence, the band also kicked off Midi Moments: a weekly video series set up to discuss life and music in their world and sure to give fans steady previews on upcoming projects. The inaugural episode is perfect for Midi beginners, recapping where the band has been since record labels came knocking, and covering what we can expect in the not so distant future.

Part of my own draw to the band years ago lies outside their ripe-for-the-Popscene-crowd music. Whether online or (God save us) in the real world, the band always expressed an honest desire to connect with their fans. It doesn’t hurt that the Ex’pression grads look to be having as much fun making these clips as people have watching them.

Now that you have either become a born-again fan or are dancing to their tune for the first time, you’re in luck. Along with the new music comes a return to the stage. Scope the details on their show tomorrow night at Neck of the Woods and grab your tickets. Rumor has it a handful will also be available at the door before the show.

Midi Matilda, Meet Me In Orbit, Talkie
Neck of the Woods
February 13, 2016
9pm, $10, (21+)