The Tet Holiday

In the spurs of preparing to completely get their debut full length out there, The Tet Holiday was nice enough to share the release, titled “Statues,” with The Bay Bridged for an early exclusive stream.

The album is a combination of all the best aspects of indie and alternative music: A frontman that can land the lyrics not only in a way that is notable and different, but also in a manner that pushes the song forward melodically; a rhythm section that is simple and concise, but driving and straightforward; and a group of lyrics that focus around transformation, adaptation and the post-break-up moves that we’ve all experienced or gone through before. I recommend listening if you can enjoy the pop sensibilities of bands like Jesus & The Mary Chain combined with the energy and intensity of bands like The Replacements.

The band will be playing a show this Friday and on February 27th at Bottom of the Hill with Film School, as part of Noise Pop 2016.

The Tet Holiday, Sister Grizzly, The Pleasure Routine
The Night Light
Friday, February 12
9pm, $8 (21+)