We’ve been big fans of Cocktails here at the Bay Bridged for a long time. Their most recent LP on Father/Daughter, Adult Life, was a wonderful album full of catchy songs about growing into an adult in San Francisco that just felt like the right. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more pleased that Cocktails is joining the bill for our upcoming show at Slim’s with WATERS and GRMLN this Friday night.

Cocktails has wrapped up recording at Tiny Telephone for their follow up to Adult Life, which should be out this summer. While we anxiously await new material, I asked Cocktails frontman Patrick Clos to put together a playlist of some of his influences (and stuff he just likes). Since he’s a nice guy, he did! See below for the sunny good times of “Waitin’ on the Summer,” followed by Patrick’s thoughts on a few of his selections.

“The Road of Love is Paved With Banana Skin” — BMX Bandits: I tried to include a few cuts from somewhat lesser known or underrated bands. I don’t know much about BMX Bandits, except that they’re Scottish and have shared members with Teenage Fanclub at some point. But this tune is is a perfect little earworm. It sounds like the Beach Boys reincarnated as a ’90s college radio band or something.

Where The Bands Are — Bruce Springsteen: I’ve been on a big River kick with that new expansive box set thing that came out recently. This is definitely one of the best tracks on it. We had talked about covering this particular B-side awhile back because it’s just so insanely catchy and rockin’. And it’s just an all-out ode to going out and seeing an awesome rock band on date night. Can’t lose.

Every Day as We Grow Closer — Alex Chilton: Feeling sad or a little down lately? Maybe you just got a $95 parking ticket and now you’re dead inside. Alex has got you. I’m not a huge fan of the majority of dude’s solo output, but there are occasional gems, and this one is an uplifting, brutally honest, bounce-back tune full of hope and love.

What I Believe — Cowsills: This record is kind of nuts because they were the ’60s band, but Global came out I think in the late ’90s, and it’s got tunes that sound like they could be Fleetwood Mac or Tom Petty jams — just generally great. Why has no one heard this record? Why was it recorded in the ’90s? I want answers. There should be a Behind The Music or something.

WATERS, GRMLN, Cocktails
February 12, 2016
9pm, $16