Survival Guide

In what is probably one of the most eclectic line-ups I’ve seen in a while, electronic/vocal-centric group Survival Guide will join The John Brothers Piano Company at The Chapel this week.

But it’s not completely unfitting. On one hand, The John Brothers Piano Company quintet have always held a kind-of elegance among grittiness to them. A product of their sound combining roots of New Orleans’ dixieland, classic big band and all the romanticism that comes with jazz. Survival Guide, on the other hand, has a electronic-pop feel that is, in its own way, elegant and edgy. The first track of her album Way To Go, “Ugly Side” is a song fit for radio, but powerful enough to spawn a compelling live show. Emily Whitehurst, the band’s front-woman, promises a show different from usual, as well: “I often play solo, but at this show I’ll have a guitar player and a keyboard player.”

You can take a listen to her track “Ugly Side” below.

The John Brothers Piano Company, Survival GuideLester T. Raww’s Graveside Quartet
The Chapel
Wednesday, February 10
8pm, $15 (all ages)