It’s always fun to hear remixes of popular music, but it’s even more fun to hear remixes of local Bay Area musicians.

In comes Neeto, the other project of Bear Lincoln‘s Ben Einstein, who is making a concerted effort to highlight the talent that we have in the Bay Area by remixing their work. His first track? One originally by former The Voice contestant, Kat Robichaud.

“For what its worth, this remix was born out of Balanced Breakfast – and making an active effort to remix other local artists’ work, and to encourage other people to do the same,” said Einstein, “The first time I heard Kat’s song “Why Do You Love Me Now?”, I really liked it – and I felt like it could use a maximalist dance music treatment. But it wasn’t until she provided the acapella track that I could actually make it happen.”

The song is in the vein of Disclosure, Robyn, and Aphex Twin. Listen and enjoy.