Buzzmutt is no stranger to the Bay Area music scene.

But last summer, the band embarked on a 5 week US tour where they hit some major cities and got a taste of DIY scenes all across the country. They even got it all on film.

The end product is a web series titled Landscapes Brigades, which chronicles their journey across the country, the people they meet, the situations they encountered, and the consistent issues that DIY music scenes are facing all around the country.

After watching the brief trailer, you get the impression that the series will touch on more than just the cliché problems of a band on the road – vans breaking down, sleeping in tents in national parks, etc – but rather, larger and more complex issues. Issues that threaten the state of DIY music scenes all across the country. Issues that put not only artists in danger of displacement, but native communities of people in the same situation. From gentrification to the role of communities in sustaining in the arts, Landscapes Bridges seems to touch upon some hot and heavy topics that we in the Bay Area certainly understand.

“What’s next?,” says one of the interviewees in the video, “after you’ve gentrified every city in America. What do you do?”

The film will be screened at Pianofight’s weekly event, Mostly Mondaze, this coming week.

Mostly Mondaze
Monday, February 8
8pm, free (all ages)