LSD and the Search For God

It’s been about nine years since LSD & The Search For God released their first self-titled full length. It charted them within the psych-shoegaze-space music scene, and has left the band with an uncanny reputation for their mesmerizing performance and hypnotizing sound.

Now the band is back with their newest EP, Heaven Is A Place.

LSD & The Search For God sticks to what they do well with this release. The entire EP is laced with a hint of haze that grabs you and leads you on a dream-drenched journey. Vocals are reverbed out, the rhythm section is driving and stupefying, and the melody is illusory. It takes the biggest and most romantic facets of shoegaze music and brings them to 2016, with some indie and rock n’ roll sensibilities.

You can take a listen below and catch their EP release show this weekend.

LSD & The Search For God, Vinyl Williams, K. Skeleton, The Turns Visuals by Mad Alchemy
Brick & Mortar
Friday, February 5
8pm, $9 (18+)