Madeline Kenney

Are you watching Madeline Kenney, as we suggested you do last week? If not, now’s the perfect time to start. Today, Madeline is premiering her new track “Tricky Way”, her first new release since we shared the video for “Heart Lion” last year. Kenney tells me the track is about ” about being amazed/ appreciative to have friends all around me, even when I mess up, which I do. A lot.”

One thing that strikes me listening to “Tricky Way” is how effectively Madeline uses unexpected rhythms and silence to give an otherwise laid back and dreamy vibe an unexpected, (yet wonderful), punch in the gut, while the instrumentation seemingly weaves in and out of tune to always keep you on your toes. “Tricky Way” also marks the first contributions of her new band, which includes Derek Barber, Scott Brown, and Aaron Gold, who are all part of Astronauts, etc., among many other local projects.

So, start paying attention to Ms. Kenney! I think you’ll enjoy what you find. She tells me she’s already filmed a video for “Tricky Way”, (something she has a knack for), and she’s working on a full album. Stream and download the “Tricky Way” below, and make plans to see her perform at El Rio with The Classical and For Now February 9.

The Classical, For Now, Madeline Kenney
El Rio
February 9, 2016
8pm, $8