Lady Rizo at the Great American Music Hall, by Ria Burman
Lady Rizo (photo: Ria Burman)

Photos and words by Ria Burman

Moondrunk‘s acoustic hip hop, pop-improv harmony-funk opened the night, swiftly followed by Rosin Coven‘s variety-vaudeville performance.

Lady Rizo headlined the Great American Music Hall with a roller coaster show, opening with a closer, “Song of Freedom” – where else could the show go? As Lady Rizo jokes, “Thank you and goodnight!”, ending the song. Where else indeed, except on a magical mystery tour of crude comedy (A+), bold statements and intimate moments interweaving power songs and sweet lullabies.

Bringing stories, comical imagery and crowd participation between songs, Lady Rizo thrills as she reenacts pregnancy via the medium of a long, black glove and her mouth. Later, inviting the audience to bring out their inner snake (snake noise here) every time she felt her body, Lady Rizo overflows with sensuality gracefully moving from crass to sass with the blink of an eye.

Lady Rizo’s baby, Tennyson, accompanied his mama on stage for dinnertime, suck-nuzzling as Lady Rizo serenaded her babe with a lullaby rendition of “Cheery Lane Saint”. A tender moment shared. Later, Lady Rizo’s father joined on flute for what would end the show. A riveted crowd whooped and cheered for an encore, which brought all artists to the stage accompanying Lady Rizo for Bowie’s “Five Years”.

Check out Lady Rizo’s debut album, Violet, if you haven’t already, it’s freakin’ sweet, and keep an eye out for her new album this year!