trez maschine

Trez Maschine is one of those bands that helps you remember the bright spots of the ’90s rock scene, before the boy bands and Nickelbacks of the country took over and sanitized the eccentric musicianship and absorbing weirdness of groups like Primus and Faith No More and Fishbone (side note: I had to Google Nickelback because I didn’t know how to spell it and now that I know how to spell it my soul aches and Google is trying to sell me Nickelback albums).

Yes, this power trio made up of veterans of the Bay Area music scene resurrect the spirit of rock n’ roll as a mind-warping entity, and that’s all without succumbing to elements of psychedelia. They’re much more hard-hitting than that. The band thrives off monstrous bass lines, technical and tight drumbeats, unconventional and yet perfectly suitable guitar wizardry, and a spark of energy that puts younger groups to shame. It’s an odd mixture of influences and musical sensibilities at work here, but it all comes together freakishly well.

You can check out their crackling live show February 1st at Slim’s as they support metal titans Nile.

Nile, Trez Maschine, Blood Party
February 1, 2016
8pm, $21 (all ages)