With the recently released Fleshed Out, Casual Hex are currently on tour and the next stop is tonight at Thee Parkside. Not only are they playing, but some local favorite like CCR Headcleaner, Violence Creeps, Never Young, and Toyota. All bands that never tend to disappoint, and all bands that are unbelievably fun to see live. With the amount of energy not only jumping off the bands, but also the crowd this will be one of those shows you won’t regret to leave your room for.

Casual Hex is another example of a band that could only come out of this generation. They grab on to classic punk, 90’s noise, and modern dilemmas, creating a sound that you can’t help to respect and enjoy. All these bands are primes examples of how this generation can create revolutionary music. If you missed their show in Oakland on Saturday, don’t miss this.

CCR Headcleaner, Violence Creeps, Casual Hex, Never Young, Toyota
Thee Parkside 
January 28, 2016
8pm, $8 (21+)