Perhapsy single

Oakland’s Perhapsy, in the wake of his single release for “All My Soul Swallowed,” asks us a simple but important question: “Where are the outlets in the forest?”

Maybe the questions aren’t posed as crudely as that sounds, but his brand new video for the atmospheric, cascading guitar, lick-accented single explores such a wilderness adventure. Derek Barber (Perhapsy) stars as a musician attempting to play bass and music through headphones in what looks like Muir Woods but runs into the aforementioned problem. All this happens while a carved human bust ominously watches him.

What’s particularly stunning about the video, which was directed by Madeline Kenney, is the tiny pops of color that stud the imagery. The green trees, Barber’s rainbow striped sweater, and technicolor bass guitar all bring life to the video, perhaps the life that he’s searching for in the form of electricity. They all lead together into a mesmerizing climax that you’ll just have to watch the video to experience. And watch for a tiny outtake at the very end.

“All My Soul Swallowed” comes off Perhapsy’s upcoming sophomore record Me Tie Dough-ty Walker, which comes out March 3rd.