Awake, the fourth studio album released by San Francisco’s golden group Tycho, just received a new spin on its eight track length. A remixed version of the breakthrough LP was digitally released earlier this month on Ghostly International, with the physical copy to be released sometime in May.

It’s been nearly two years since the release of Awake, and since then its captivating and ambient tracks of atmospheric imagery continue to shine and stray away from the typical electronic groove. The album’s title track is a definite go-to when waking up on those early mornings, and never ceases to fail at starting the day off feeling alright.

The remixed album is the perfect way to revisit the masterpiece that is Awake, while at the same time, doing each song its justice. These are not your typical remixes of tracks found on YouTube. Artists of the remixed tracks on the new LP include RJD2, Ionika, and Baio. What makes this album truly unique is its compilation of different takes and ideas by each artist on tracks that are so out of the ordinary. Perhaps not quite as gripping as the original, the remixed album is worth a look for those who appreciate artistic collaboration.