The Stone Foxes - Jon Ching 2015
Photo by Jon Ching

The Stone Foxes are about as old as The Bay Bridged — 9 years old, to be exact, whereas The Bay Bridged turns an even 10 this year. In that way, it made perfect sense to ask the SF rock ‘n’ roll institution to headline our birthday party at The Rickshaw Stop on January 30th.

In preparation, we asked Stone Fox Shannon Koehler to play a round of San Francisco word association with us, in tribute to the city they’ve called home since the beginning.

San Francisco Word Association with Shannon Koehler of The Stone Foxes

Rent: Richard Try, my landlord, thank you for not flipping my house and kicking me out. (I’ll give him a big kiss on the cheek next time I see him.)

Burrito: Had one last night. Might have one again tonight…and tomorrow…

Giants: When I was too scared to fall asleep at night as a kid, I would think about the Giants winning, and then I was out like a light.

A’s: You poor, poor, unfortunate souls. Thanks for the $1 hot dogs.

Parking: I don’t have a car. Fuck getting tickets.

MUNI: I take it everywhere I go. It gets me there…very slowly…

Tourists: To all you newcomers, there used to be this guy called The Bush Man. We miss him very much.

Beach: Why are there so many sand dollars on Ocean Beach? Also, what kind of critter lives in a sand dollar? I took an oceanography class and I still don’t know!

Google Bus: Google shmus.


Oakland: I’ve always loved you. Don’t listen to the haters.

SFSU: I want my Gator basketball announcer job back! I might be gone on the road for months at a time…but whatever!

Sunset: Vince and Ben live there, and I’m very jelly…we made our first two records there…it was the first place I lived in SF…I’m gonna cry if I keep talking about it!

Super Bowl: They say they’re gonna clear the Embarcadero of folks who are homeless so they can put radio row there. Where are you gonna put people? It’s fucking inhumane and bullshit. Also, the NFL is rigged, I have proof.

Robin Williams: “She’s got the crabs dear, and I don’t mean Dungeness!”

Avocado Toast: 2nd best to ice cream.

Outside Lands: That shit was amazing and an honor.

The Bay Bridged: You guys are always so good to us. Sincerely, we love you guys, especially Jody. Can’t wait for the show and to play with some of SF’s finest, that’ll be a hell of a treat!

The Stone Foxes, Jon Vanderslice, Annie Girl and the Flight, and Hot Flash Heat Wave
Rickshaw Stop
January 30th, 2015
8pm, $10