Poster by Cinthya Hernandez‎

Poster by Cinthya Hernandez

I’ve spoken for my love of Tacocat, but have I spoken about my love for Pony Time and Chastity Belt? They’re all important bands coming out of the Seattle region, who are making fun and socially critical music. They make being “woke” feel less controlling and terrifying. They make being miserable seem less awful because they know how to make fun of themselves. They are the kind of bands that you want to dance to in your underwear and maybe go out in public while still dancing in your underwear. Let your nipples breathe, let your butt cheeks hang, and just enjoy the cool tunes. Put them all together and you get the amazing musical animorph, Childbirth, (who also recently released a new single, which is below).

Childbirth and the colorful band also from Seattle, Lisa Prank are touring the West Coast and hitting up the Bay Area twice. First off is the all ages show on Wednesday, January 27 at California College of the Arts (Oakland Campus), hosted by The Sugar Bowl. Opening for them that day is one of my favorite SF bands, Pumpkin, who have become a little-known Bay Area treasure. For those who are over 21, and really don’t like being on school campuses,  Childbirth and Lisa Prank will also be playing at Hemlock Tavern on the 5th of February.

Childbirth, Lisa Prank, Pumpkin
The Sugar Bowl 
January 27, 2016
8am, $5 (All Ages )


Childbirth, Lisa Prank, Das Wasser
Hemlock Tavern
February 5, 2016
9pm. $8 (21+)