bAd bAd

Sadly, yet another promising San Francisco band is about to be no more due to a member leaving town. With frontman Christian Zamora leaving town to manage a few bars in the Caribbean (seriously!), bAd bAd will be on a semi-permanent hiatus.

Christian tells me that even though the band is on indefinite hiatus, there are still plans to release a 12″ LP this spring. Additionally, in preparation for their last show, they’ve shared a pair of live videos for their tracks “Rope Burn” and “Conundrum”. Recorded at The Grassy Null studios in Oakland, they’re the first two of a live video series Grassy Null is producing. The videos provide a perfectly VHS-y swansong for bAd bAd. bAd bAd’s final show is Tuesday night at The Knockout – swing by and see them out in style.

Murder Murder, Diesel Dudes, bAd bAd, Sexy Babiez
The Knockout
January 26, 2015
9pm, $7